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Managing spending is still difficult for many people. Most solutions take an active budgeting approach, shutting a lot of folks out.

We wanted to make it easier to manage your spending in a visual way, with no judgement.

Being aware of your spending is often the first step in reaching important financial goals like paying off debt or buying a home.

We did research to learn how people think about managing their money. The main thing we learned is that budgeting works for less than 40% of people.

Snippets of our Research Report, including surveys and user interviews.

Early Idea

Inspired by Spotify’s Year-in-Review, we wanted to do something similar and create a spending feed by linking transaction data to Google Places API.

Our goal became clear - can we let people know where their money is going in 15 seconds or less?

Where's my money going?

Once you've linked all your spending accounts (ie. debit and credit) the Top Spend component, living right under the combined account balance, totals up multiple transactions for one vendor, and sorts by highest amount, letting people quickly see what has the biggest impact on their spending.

See your spending

We linked spending transactions to their corresponding photos in Google Places API to create a visual feed of your spending. As you scroll through, you can see exactly where your money is going, with no judgement.

We wanted to build something that was friendly and visual - completely different from the typical money trackers on the market.

We just completed our beta testing and the app will soon be released to the wider public on iOS and Android.

Lots of folks helped on the final production, but the early concept was built by Amanda Cheung (Design), Neil Bakhle (iOS + backend) and myself.