Lead Product Designer

When I heard that our team might have an opportunity to work on the rdio music TV service, I almost lost it. Seriously. This was 2014. I loved the product. I was reading about their team and their process in design blogs. So to get the chance to work with them was incredible.

The first step for us and the rdio team was not just to shove existing functionality into a different form factor. TV is slightly awkward. It's hard to navigate, even though it's 'big'. It's usually a shared device, not personal like a phone. And it's visual, so you can put videos and lyrics and other stuff in there. But should we?

Refining Features

Our first goal was to make the service really easy to navigate. We spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to structure the Home View so that you can navigate it easily with a remote.

In addition to laying out and organizing music into categories like 'Keep listening' and 'This week's hottest new music' we made sure there were no dead-ends at the end of the scroll. We tried to anticipate the users next action, like wanting to 'Search' without  having to go to the menu.

We extended that idea to the Player View as well. Once you're playing a track, we explored adding quick shortcuts to  change the station or dive in deeper into whatever you're listening to, without having to go back out to the menu. And each time, we built a version to test on actual devices to make sure it works in the wild.

I loved how we got a chance to go deep on every piece of UI, feature and animation we put on the screen and explored so many different ways to do it. 

I worked closely with Jaime Rivera to prototype every interaction before we committed to building it out. The goal was to build a really smooth music experience and make the app itself disappear into the background. 

The service was  released on the Amazon Fire TV in 2015, and had positive reviews and user feedback. Shortly after, rdio was sold to Pandora, but some of the product spirit still lives on within Pandora.

This was an incredible experience for me, as I got to work with super talented folks at rdio and learned so much about how to approach product design and craft and test solutions. 

I'm still really proud of the work we produced.

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